What is LIFELINE®?

Living on your own can be enjoyable and rewarding. But sometimes you may be concerned about the possibility of a bad fall, an accident or sudden illness. With LIFELINE®, you will feel more relaxed, secure and confident.

LIFELINE® is an affordable, personal response system which links you to 24-hour assistance at the push of a button. It allows you to move freely around your home or yard with the confidence of knowing that if you need help – LIFELINE® will call for it.

Who Benefits?

  • People who live alone.
  • New mothers who may need to get help for their infant without leaving crib side.
  • People who may be concerned about their personal safety of security.
  • Those with on-going medical conditions.
  • Post-operative patients who want to maintain a link to medical assistance.
  • Disabled or special needs individuals.

LIFELINE® is Simple…

A small, portable Personal Help Button is worn on a neck chain, wrist strap or clipped to clothing. If you need help, simply push the button.

Highly trained personnel receive your help call and immediately attempt to make voice contact with you. If assistance is needed, they will contact one of your ‘responders’ – nearby friends or relatives. For more serious situations, an ambulance or police will be dispatched.

For more information or to request your connection:

Contact Lisa Alesch at 712.213.8000.