Life Saver Campaign

Thank you for your donation to the 2021-2022 Foundation Life Saver Campaign to help our BVRMC Rehab Services Department purchase a Bioness Integrated Therapy Systems (BITS) and Biodex SD. Your generosity has helped us meet our goal!

A fall at home can be life changing for a loved one that just had a stroke, joint replacement or other event that affects balance. An accident can force a person to lost the ability to recover at home and cause more mobility issues.

This video shows how you are making a difference in a patient recovering from a stroke.

Every fall we kick off the annual Life Saver Campaign to purchase equipment our medical team feels would make a difference in the lives of patients. Over the years the Life Saver Campaign has helped purchase equipment, such as power lifts for the ambulances to reduce staff injuries and a lung function testing machine. Your money is helping your friends, family and maybe even you someday.

The Buena Vista Regional Healthcare Foundation believes our patients deserve the best care right here in Storm Lake. Your donation is a huge part of helping our medical team go from good to great care. Thank you!