Life Saver Campaign

Emergencies strike without warning. You can help.

Support our BVRMC ambulances with new cots to transport patients and stair chairs to moveBVRMC Ambulance with Cots people up and down house stairs.

On behalf of the Foundation, I am asking you to consider donating to the Life Saver Campaign.

We want BVRMC to be the desired place for emergency providers to work. One-quarter of all EMS providers experience a career-ending back injury within the first four years of their career.

Your donation will help current and future employees know that the community supports them with the best equipment possible.

BVRMC ambulances average over 1,000 runs per year. Your support makes it possible to have local services accessible in Storm Lake. Your donations help BVRMC go from good to great.

Every fall we kick off the annual Life Saver Campaign to purchase equipment our medical team feels would make a difference in the lives of patients. Over the years the Life Saver Campaign has helped purchase equipment, such as power lifts for the ambulances to reduce staff injuries and a lung function testing machine. Your money is helping your friends, family and maybe even you someday.

The Buena Vista Regional Healthcare Foundation believes our patients deserve the best care right here in Storm Lake. Your donation is a huge part of helping our medical team go from good to great care. Thank you!

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Last year, our Life Saver Campaign helped Rehab Services patients like John, who has benefited from using the newly purchased Biodex SD machine. This machine helps therapists with fall risk assessments and balance testing. Since coming to BVRMC, John has learned to walk again without using a walker or a cane.