Critical Care Unit

Our Critical Care Unit is designed to meet the needs of patients requiring close observation with use of special equipment.

The Process

The caring CCU Staff is well trained in advanced technical skills.

  • A CCU Nurse will apply adhesive patches to a patient’s chest which are connected to the cardiac monitor. This gives the nurse to constent information about the heart and breathing.
  • Other equipment used can keep track of blood pressure and oxygen levels in a patient’s blood.
  • A CCU nurse will assess a patient’s chest and abdomen frequently to check progress.
  • While in CCU, an intravenous access area is established for medications or liquids. Many times oxygen will be given to help with breathing and to lessen the stress on the heart.

Patient Care

  • The CCU Staff will strive to provide a restful atmosphere.
  • The doctor will order various tests to assist in the care. Common tests include an EKG (tracing of the heart), blood tests, and x-rays.
  • If someone is hospitalized with a heart problem, specialized tests may be done such as an echocardiogram or treadmill.
  • A Cardiologist may be consulted. Cardiac Rehabilitation may be ordered.
  • Activity may be limited when first admitted to CCU. Activity will be increased with the doctor’s order.
  • What you eat or drink is dependent on each patient’s condition. Most patients will be eating a reduced fat and salt intake foods.
  • Family members are an important part of the healing process and patient care. Family may be asked to step out of the room at any time personal attention is given to the patient.
  • As a patient improves, they will transfer out of CCU. The doctor may order your heart to continue to be watched allowing you to add activity.