Cardiac Rehabilitation

PHASE I – Inpatient Rehabilitation

This part of the program begins upon admission to the hospital and includes patient and family education along with progressive physical activity for the patient. A team of specialized staff members provide education and counseling in such areas as:

  • Heart Facts
  • Coronary Risk Factors
  • Stress Management
  • Diet
  • Leisure Activities
  • Medications

PHASE II – Outpatient Rehabilitation


  • Individual who has had a heart attack, heart surgery, or heart procedure recently or has angina.
  • Physician approved and ordered.

Exercise Solutions:

  • Personal exercise program.
  • Continuous EKG monitoring.
  • Treadmill, leg bike, arm bike, Nu Step and arm ergometer.
  • Sessions held three days a week.
  • Cardiac Nurses present throughout session.
  • 4-12 week program – based upon physical condition and personal goals.
  • Includes warm-ups, exercise and cool downs.
  • Physical Therapist, Dietician, Pharmacist, Occupational Therapy consultant also available.


  • Individual review of heart disease and risk factors.
  • Positive lifestyle goals established.
  • Routine monitoring of goals.


Cardiac Rehab is billed to Medicare and private insurance.

PHASE III – or – Cardiac Fitness

For patients who have completed Phase II or for anyone with coronary artery disease risk factors.

Exercise Sessions:

  • Personal exercise prescription.
  • Warm-ups: bending/stretching.
  • Treadmill, leg bike, arm bike, Nu Step and arm ergometer.
  • Cool Downs: stretching.
  • Group Support.

Entry Requirements:

  • Physician’s referral.
  • Interview with nurse.


Information provided on individual basis as needed.


  • Initial cost $41.00.
  • $6.00 per visit.
  • Billed monthly.
  • Not covered by Medicare or private insurance.