New Art Featured at BVRMC

BVRMC | October 23rd, 2023

AJ Dahm

Schaller, Iowa


AJ Dahm is a professional photographer providing high quality landscape, nature and wildlife photography. A native of Early, Iowa, AJ studied at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast, exploring our natural world and sharing its beauty through photography. He is also a former photographer/photo editor for Nebraska Life Magazine, Colorado Life Magazine, Utah Life Magazine and many other publications. AJ also worked as a sports and event photographer for ten years covering events such as air shows, concerts, national championships and much more. Today he works as a photo editor for and resides near Schaller, Iowa, with his family.

Artists Statement

My work as a photographer often involves anticipation and being prepared for unexpected changes in weather or lighting conditions. I find myself fascinated by light and the way it changes our natural landscape. Capturing those fleeting moments that are here one moment and gone the next. Always seeking a challenge, I find myself shooting into the light, which poses many challenges in photography. I am constantly obsessed with exploring our environment while chasing the sublime in nature and striving to produce the highest quality images. Here you will find a collection of recent work investigating how light interacts with our landscape with intention to capture those fleeting moments that amaze.

For inquiries and pricing, contact AJ at 712.229.1204, or


Artist AJ Dahm standing by his art display at BVRMC