BVRMC Donors Help Curious Toddlers Clean Out Ears

Amber Chrischilles | October 17th, 2023

The Buena Vista Regional Healthcare Foundation recently purchased equipment for Buena Vista Regional Medical Center’s ER Department. This equipment will allow for better assessment of pediatric ear emergencies and aid in the removal of foreign objects that end up in ears.

The Wispr Digital Otoscope is a tool that doctors use to view patients’ eardrums. If patients are experiencing ear pain or feel they have something in their ears, doctors can use the otoscope to get a clearer image of the issue. This tool also captures photos, allowing doctors to share their findings with the patient.

Common items that staff at BVRMC have found in patients’ ears include rocks, soy beans, corn, small toys, beads, bugs and food. The otoscope is used by BVRMC ER doctors nearly every week.

“Every parent can relate to their toddler putting something in their ear,” says Katie Schwint, BVRMC Executive Director of Community Development. “We appreciate our donors who help us purchase devices that our staff feel will better help patients in need.”

The otoscope helps doctors take better care of patients while also providing a more comfortable experience. When caring for children, the otoscope can display images of cartoon animals and fictional creatures, helping to calm the child while they may be scared or feeling discomfort from their medical issue.

“This device helps our doctors and staff provide greater care to patients at times when they need us most,” says BVRMC Director of ER/Ambulance Sarah Naberhaus. “We are very thankful for all of the donors that continue to support the Buena Vista Regional Healthcare Foundation because their dollars truly make a difference in our patients’ lives each time the device is used.”

Dr. Garrett Feddersen using the otoscope to look into a child's ear.
The otoscope, purchased through donations by the Buena Vista Regional Healthcare Foundation, allows BVRMC ER Medical Director, Dr. Garrett Feddersen, to better assess pediatric patients’ ears during emergencies.