BVRMC Patient Stresses the Importance of Mammograms

Amber Chrischilles | October 19th, 2022

Carleen Launderville at BVRMCCarleen Launderville has been battling breast cancer for nearly 20 years. Her message to everyone: schedule your mammograms.

“I have three daughters, and they all are on the schedule to get mammograms,” says Launderville, who stresses the importance of mammograms to her family and friends. “They are very important, especially if you have breast cancer in your family.”

There are many reasons people may put off scheduling their annual mammograms, such as time, financials or uncomfortable feelings toward the screening test. However, mammograms remain important and are the best way to find breast cancer for most women of screening age, according to the CDC.

“Don’t put it off because the earlier you catch it, the better off you are going to be,” says Launderville.

For those who are feeling uneasy about scheduling their mammogram, Carleen provides some insight about her own experiences receiving mammograms at BVRMC’s Diagnostic Imaging department.

“They never make you feel uncomfortable; privacy is always first,” says Launderville. “I’ve never had a bad experience.”

In 2003 Launderville had also been one who had put off scheduling her mammogram. Until one day, she had a gut feeling that she needed to get a mammogram. After her screening, she discovered she had a tumor and was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Since coming to BVRMC for her breast cancer treatment, Launderville says that the employees at the Oncology & Infusion Center have become like family to her.

“Everyone is positive. They are always cheerful, seeing if you need anything and very accommodating,” says Launderville. “I would recommend anyone to come here.”

For those who are underinsured or do not have insurance, BVRMC’s P.i.n.k. (Providing Imaging Needs & Knowledge) fund offers financial support to individuals so they have access to a yearly mammogram. This program is funded by area donors, helping provide access to this valuable cancer screening test to people in our community.

If you are avoiding scheduling your mammography due to financial reasons or if you have questions about qualifying to receive cancer screening tests at no cost, call BVRMC’s Diagnostic Imaging at 712.213.8691.