BVRMC Ambulance Gets an Upgrade

Diane Porter | June 11th, 2020

“Reduce” and “reuse” are words often used in our economy today. Buena Vista Regional Medical Center is doing their part to be economically responsible with the purchase of a new “remounted” ambulance.

“Remounting consists of a used patient compartment that has outlived its original chassis platform and has been mounted on a new chassis for a renewed life cycle,” explains Robert Shontz, Ambulance Manager. “The ‘box’, or patient portion of the ambulance, is updated with new paint and other options that were not available at original time of purchase. The truck underneath the box is new, which creates a huge savings over the purchase of a brand new rig.”

Remounting the modular body is an excellent, environmentally responsible and economical option. A remount ambulance meets the same industry standards as a new unit.

This is the second remounted ambulance purchased by BVRMC. This, however, is the first time BVRMC has remounted its own box.

The remount process can be done multiple times as long as the structure of the box remains intact. The primary benefit of a remount is the financial savings and quicker turn around. Not everything needs to be replaced, which also helps save money. BVRMC will be remounting another rig later this year, replacing a 2016 ambulance with 230 thousand miles on it. ”We travel around 70 thousand miles per year transporting patients wherever they need to go, so we plan to get on a regular schedule of replacement after all of the rigs are updated,” states Robert. “As the miles go up on our vehicles, they require more repairs, and by maintaining a replacement schedule it becomes more cost effective.”

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