BVRMC Introduces More Comfortable Mammography Experience

BVRMC | July 9th, 2024

Buena Vista Regional Medical Center is enhancing the mammogram experience with the new GE Senographe Pristina™. While mammograms are essential for women's health, they aren't usually pleasant. This advanced 3D mammography system aims to make them more comfortable with simplified positioning, better compression and early detection.

The Senographe Pristina™ reduces pain and anxiety during the exam with features like rounded corners, a thinner image detector, and comfortable armrests.

The 3D exam captures multiple low-dose images at different angles, creating a detailed picture of the breast. Using a low-dose x-ray sweep, the system is able to capture clear, sharp images, minimizing motion blur. This allows radiologists to examine breast tissue layer by layer, improving detection accuracy.

“Our goal is to make mammograms more comfortable and encourage women to stay on top of their screenings,” said Shalee Stuart, BVRMC Mammography Supervisor. “Mammograms are vital for maintaining health, and the new system benefits all patients, especially those with dense breast tissue or a personal history of breast cancer.”

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in women, with one in eight women developing the disease. A mammogram is crucial for detecting breast cancer early, especially for women over 40 or those at risk.

BVRMC provides comprehensive breast care, including 3D mammography, breast ultrasounds, MRI and image-guided biopsies.

For more information or to schedule a mammogram, contact your primary care provider or call BVRMC Diagnostic Imaging at 712.213.8691.

BVRMC Mammography Team