New Artwork Displayed at BVRMC

edoebel | January 7th, 2022

Christina DePrann
Varina, Iowa


Christina was raised and continues to live in a small rural Iowa community with the love of her life and two little minions. She has always had an interest in art. While attending college at Buena Vista University she discovered what she was going to do with that interest; she became an art teacher. Early on in her career she became a mother. As a mother the need shifted from educating other children to nurturing her own. Christina continues to create and discover new outlets for art to be part of her world. Her yearning for education and passion for art is fueled by small art projects in local communities and volunteering her skills as needed.


I became an artist, then an adult, then an adult artist. I thought those transitions were difficult, but I have reached a whole new level of being an adult artist with minions. My little minions have had an endless impact on WHY I create. When I became a mother, I started to feel as if I was losing my identity as a person. I wasn’t just a mother; I was still everything else and felt it was essential for me to make it a priority to continue creating. By default, I have become an abstract painter in acrylic. The time to create is sporadic and short lived. I work quickly and that process has become a part of my art. I explore color theory and experiment with texture. My art is greatly influenced by recycling, religion, and reaction. Part of the recycling aspect is by using leftover paint that would otherwise be thrown away. I utilize multiples of threes within pieces or by creating sets of three. Color is used to express emotions. My wish is for you to see my art and want to touch it! By looking, touching, and experiencing a piece of my artwork, I want you to get a sense of what I was feeling when I created it. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to display original artwork in their home. Art should be affordable and available to everyone.


New Artwork Displayed

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