Bunion Patients Now Recover Faster

Diane Porter | July 15th, 2020

Dr. Jesse Wolfe

A bunion on Patti McKenna’s right foot made a simple yoga pose and sleeping difficult. After it became painful to sleep, she decided it was time to see a foot and ankle surgeon.

Patti made an appointment with Dr. Jesse Wolfe, Northwest Iowa Bone, Joint & Sports Surgeon, an Outpatient Department of Buena Vista Regional Medical Center. The first thing Patti told Dr. Wolfe was, “I like cute shoes and would like to get back into them.” He chuckled and said he could make that happen.

Patti had some concerns about bunion surgery as she had heard stories about how horrible the recovery could be. Dr. Wolfe explained she was a candidate for a procedure that would make the pain and recovery much quicker and she would be able to walk out of the building afterwards.

“The old procedure required 6 weeks of non-weight bearing and then recovery time, which didn’t have people back into their shoe for 12 weeks,” stated Dr. Wolfe. “With this correction technique I use patients have less pain, allows people to be back into their shoe in 2 weeks, and can return to activity sooner. Most bunion patients are eligible for this technique.”

The outpatient surgical procedure made it so Patti was in and out in one day. A boot was placed on her foot and she kept it elevated as much as possible during the first two weeks. She wore tennis shoes for 4 weeks after that. No crutches the entire time. After the surgery she was wheeled to the front door in a wheelchair, but then stood and walked to her car. She was pretty amazed.

Dr. Wolfe stated, “The biggest advantage is getting people active and back on their feet quicker.”

Patti was delighted when she was able to start wearing her cute shoes again! She would do it all over again as she is now pain free. “Dr. Wolfe did an excellent job, I am very happy with the results,” says Patti.


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