Letter from our CEO

Katie Schwint | June 17th, 2020

To the Communities We Serve:

We want to continue to thank the community for your ongoing support of BVRMC and helping us slow the spread of COVID-19.  The purpose of this letter is to let you know BVRMC is here to care for you if you need us.  Our team continues to serve COVID and non-COVID patients. Without breaking patient confidentiality, please know that BVRMC continues to have the ability to see patients as both inpatients and outpatients.

Since COVID first appeared in our community and region, as of this morning 71 patients have been evaluated by our medical team as needing hospitalization.  BVRMC has cared for approximately 70% of those who presented to us in need of inpatient hospitalization.  Where appropriate, these patients have had access to cutting edge treatments.

At times, our medical team does feel a patient would benefit from being transferred to a larger facility and we work with both the patient and their families in those circumstances. This would be the case for the remaining patients in need of hospitalization that were not admitted to BVRMC.  Transferring patients with specific needs is part of our normal protocol, as well as part of our pandemic response plan and we are thankful for our partners in the region for all of the support they have provided.

We know you are constantly hearing numbers in the media and they can be confusing and scary. There is a level of testing occurring within Buena Vista County that per capita is unprecedented within Iowa, which is a good thing.  To put the level of testing into perspective, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health 1 in 3 BV County residents has been tested.  For comparison, the State as a whole is testing at a 1 in 14 rate.  With that level of testing though it is important to understand that positive cases will continue to be identified and reported.

Please continue to do your part to slow further spread by washing your hands, wearing a mask when social distancing is not possible, and making smart decisions when you leave your home. Most importantly, if you do have mild symptoms stay home and call your doctor. The more we can keep people with minor symptoms isolated, the less spread will occur in our community and region. Unfortunately, COVID is not going to disappear from any community entirely, but we know that you can help prevent and slow down the spread.  We cannot predict when life as we know it will return to a version of more normal, but we do know whatever that might look like we can get there sooner if everyone does their part right now.


Rob Colerick, CEO

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