Baby Infant Mini Transport for Visiting BVRMC Patients

Coleen Imming | September 17th, 2019

BVRMC Baby Mini Transport Blanca Villegas, BVRMC Certified Medical Interpreter shows the ease of the transport cart.

Buena Vista Regional Healthcare Foundation purchased, five infant    mini-transport carts, a safe and secure option to carry patient infant carriers and other personal items while at BVRMC. “Parents with infants typically have an infant carrier, totes and sometimes siblings with them when they come to BVRMC. We see them struggle with carrying everything plus holding onto other siblings. The infant mini transport will make their moving through the hospital safe and convenient” says, Lona Stille, Director of Patient Access.

The infant mini transport carts keep the baby carrier close to mom while secured in the docking station for transport.

Baby Transport at BVRMC for Family Use

“As a parent, we understand the issues a mother may have getting to appointments. The infant mini transport cart helps our families in Obstetrics. We provide a transporter at discharge for them to become familiar with how it works. We also encourage families to use the transport cart for other appointments in the facility” adds, Trish Winger, Director of OB.

The BVRMC Cares for Kids fundraising program supports the needs of the children served at BVRMC. All donations designated for Cares for Kids fund stay here at BVRMC and are used to purchase equipment and other items for children of all ages.

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