We Are Here to Serve You

We respect your rights to privacy as a BVRMC patient. We do not report patient conditions to the general public. Your nurses will discuss the details of your condition with people you have chosen. Friends should talk to either you or a family member for information on your condition.

See also Privacy Notice.

Advanced Directives:
Upon admission to the hospital every adult patient will be questioned about end-of-life decisions (advanced directives). If you have either a Living Will or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions please give us a copy to be placed in your medical chart.

Patient/Visitor Special Needs:
A variety of services and equipment are available to accommodate patients with special needs such as visual, hearing, or physical challenges as well as interpretive language services. If you have special needs talk with the nurse.

You have a right to talk to someone if you have a complaint about the care you have been given. You have a right to have your complaint reviewed and resolution attempted. Please tell a nurse immediately if you have a concern. You may choose to call a Complaint Hot Line Ext. 2412 and leave a message. Your concern will be addressed promptly.

Let us know how we are doing:
After you have returned home you may receive a survey asking you to rate our performance. We appreciate your comments and suggestions and make changes based on them.