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Recreational Programs

The Recreational Program offers several levels. To choose which level is right for your child, contact the Fitness and Health Center at 712.732.7722 to talk to the Head Coach

Parent & Me (2-3 yr olds) - 45 min.  This class offers a great opportunity to introduce your child to gymnastics while incorporating play with you! The parent participates with the child and helps move them through basic gymnastics skills. Parents will also learn play strategies to help their child develop in communication, social, motor, and cognitive skills.

Preschool (ages 3-4) - 45 min. In this class, your preschooler will have their first taste of time in the gym without a parent beside them. They will learn basic skills including rolls, swings, and safety landings. When they turn five or achieve excellent listening skills, they’re ready to move to Level 1!

Level 1 (4 and up) - 60 min. This class is specifically designed for young new gymnasts. They will go on all the events in the gym – floor, vault, bars, balance beam, and trampoline – and learn basic skills on each, including forward and backward rolls, pullovers, poses on the beam, and vaulting onto a small mat. Level 1 will give your child the basics necessary to succeed in higher level gymnastics, as well as provide a fun, safe environment to play in!

Level 2 (5 and up) - 60 min. Learning continues in Level 2, as gymnasts build on the basics they learned in the last level. Skills in this level include handstands, backbends, casts on bars, and more advanced beam techniques.

Level 3 (5 and up) - 60 min. The highest of our class levels, Level 3 is the place to be for advanced gymnasts! We will work on round-offs, kickovers, back hip circles on bars, and handstands on the beam. Level 3 gives gymnasts a preview of skills done at higher levels and lets them advance in their ability level on all events.

Boys Class (ages 4 and up) - 60 min. This class is offered for any boy who wishes to learn basic gymnastics skills on all the Men’s Olympic Apparatus – bars, rings, pommel horse, vault, and floor.

*Gymnastics fees are due before the beginning of each month.

Automatic payments can be set up; contact the front desk.

Monthly Rates:

  • Parent and Me: $30
  • Preschool: $30
  • Levels 1-3 and Boys: $37