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Resistance Training
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Building A Better You!

Personal trainers are fitness consultants and personal coaches for your health and fitness needs. They are available to help you reach your goals by designing programs based on the time you have available and your personal needs. They are able to help you develop healthy lifestyle habits you can maintain for a lifetime.

How can a personal trainer help you?
You need help getting started.
You need help developing consistency and the habit of exercising regularly.
You need the most time efficient and effective workouts.
You have specific goals you are trying to obtain.
You have hit a fitness plateau.

What your personal trainer can provide for you.
Education- Teaching the fundamentals of fitness and how to live a healthier lifestyle.
Consistency- Provide an appointment based exercise program to develop the habit of exercise.
Motivation- Setting goals and working together to get you where you want to go.
Exercise Prescription- Use scientific bases for program design and appropriate progression.

Personal Training Services

Initial consultation with trainer is free of charge.
Answer any questions and concerns you may have.
Identify your needs, wants and goals.
Fill out Lifestyle and Exercise History Questionnaire.
Present to you what we can do to help you with your health and fitness needs, wants and goals.

Pre-Training Fitness Assessments
Fitness evaluation testing is important before beginning a structured program so initial fitness levels can be established. This information is used to design your program and re-evaluate your progress along the way. Tests offered include:
Body Composition Testing
Circumference Measurements
Lean Body Mass Scan- Radiology Dept.
Cardiovascular Endurance Testing
Flexibility Testing
Muscular Strength Testing
Muscular Endurance Testing

Your personalized program will be designed from the information gathered in the consultation as well as the fitness evaluation.

The duration of your training program will depend upon your goals. A recommendation will be made by the trainer and be determined by your personal comfort level and progress.

Sessions last approximately 1/2 hour.

Client re-assessment and evaluation are included with the sessions.

Partner Training is also available.

Call the Fitness & Health Center for more information at 712.732.7722.