Immediate Needs

Flowers, Mail & Email:
Your flowers and mail will be delivered to your room. Mail received after your discharge is forwarded to your home address. We are happy to take outgoing mail to the mailroom. For your convenience, we have added an e-mail service. You may receive a printed copy of an e-mail sent to you at

Smoking - BVRMC is a smoke-free campus:
For the health and well being of our patients and employees, BVRMC has chosen to be a smoke-free facility. No one is permitted to smoke anywhere on the BVRMC campus. Your cooperation is appreciated.

To make local calls, dial "3", wait for the dial tone and then dial the number. There is no charge for local calls. If you wish to make a long distance call, you will need your own phone or credit card. Refer to the bulletin board in each patient room for further information on telephone usage. Calls are not permitted in ICU/CCU based on patient status. Family members may call and talk to the nurse regarding patient condition.

We request that valuables be left at home or given to a family member. If you bring valuables with you, please leave these with the Admissions Clerk for safekeeping. You will receive a copy of the list of valuables left with us. Present this list to the office upon dismissal to regain your articles. We suggest that you keep no more than $5.00 cash in your room as the hospital cannot be responsible for money or other valuables kept in your possession while you are here.

If you or your family are entering the hospital before 6 a.m. or after 10 p.m. you will need to use a telephone, located between the two sliding glass doors at both the Main Blue Entrance and the North ER Entrance. There are video cameras every entrance to the hospital. Wait a few moments and the nursing staff will open the doors for you.

Safety standards prohibit appliances with two prong plugs (i.e.: hair dryer, electric razor, CD player, radio, curling iron) within the patient areas, unless inspected by our maintenance department.

Visiting Hours:
BVRMC has an open visitation policy except in the maternity and ICU/CCU. No children are allowed to visit except with special permission from the patient's nursing unit. More than 2 visitors per patient at one time is discouraged to allow patients to rest. Please do not have family visit if they are feeling ill, as we want to protect you and your recovery.

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Café Latte
The BVRMC Auxiliary Coffee Shop is located inside the Main entrance of BVRMC.
Hours are: Monday through Friday
6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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Additional Information:
For additional information about BVRMC and available services, as well as area information, please refer to the blue Patient and Visitor's Guide located in each patient room.

FREE wireless internet access available.

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