Foundation Stories

A ‘Patient Story’ from… Chris Rasmussen, Owner, Rasmussen Ford-Mercury, Inc. Storm Lake, Iowa (used with his permission) “Yesterday, I had gallbladder surgery at Buena Vista Regional Medical Center and was very impressed with the entire team of nurses and staff I interacted with - everyone was great, courteous and very helpful with my wife, Michelle, and me.” ‘Please pass along our thanks and gratitude to everyone who was involved - from the people at the reception counters to the nurses in surgery.”


A ‘Patient Story’… My name is Shirley Laird and I am the niece of Alma and John Heschke. My Aunt passed away in 2005 and my Uncle a little more than a year ago. They were both hard working, good farm people. They took care of each other and were positive members of the community.

With their passing, they tried to be sure that their hard work went to help others. Part of their estate went to Buena Vista Regional Medical Center in Storm Lake.

My Aunt Alma was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and she fought for a very long time and tried to be as independent as she could. It became obvious that she was not able to care for herself and my uncle. She spent the last six months or so of her life in the hospital. My parents (my dad is Alma's brother) went to see Alma almost everyday for all of those months and she ALWAYS spoke so highly of the doctors and the nursing staff. They all treated her as a person and not just someone taking up a bed or waiting to die. The staff would stop in to see her either at the beginning of the shift or as they were leaving. They would joke with her and do what they could to brighten her day and make her smile. These gestures had a great impact on her last days.

I would come from Kansas City as often as I could and found that she was so comfortable and well cared for. When it was near Christmas, they let me set up a small artificial tree in her room. I asked if I could help with some small gifts and she was thrilled to be able to hand out items for these special people. The staff made her feel like a part of a family. Alma and John did not have children of their own, so the kindness that was given to both my Aunt and Uncle was really appreciated.

I am convinced, if it was not for the care and concern that Alma got all of those months in the hosiptal, their money would have gone somewhere else. I am not sure that the nurses realize what a difference they have made to their patients. Alma's family really appreciated the care that my Aunt received while in the hospital.