Foundation Donor Spotlight

I’m in the midst of reading a book by Paul Stutzman called “Hiking Through.” It speaks of his journey to find peace and contentment after the death of his wife from cancer. It’s been ten years since my husband passed away from his struggle with cancer. We had worked side by side for 55 years so when were told he had cancer we were on another journey together. Our partners on this journey were doctors, nurses, hospital facilities and technology, family and friends. What a blessing they were to us. We who live in the Storm Lake area should be proud of the hospital and staff that provides for our needs twenty-four hours a day every day. We need to support it in any way we can. You never know when your time of need will come. God bless all those who look after our needs in such a caring way.

Jean Hemmingsen

"If it were not for the tests taken at the Buena Vista Regional Medical Center Radiology Department early last Spring, Bob may not be alive today. The skill and accuracy of the Ultrasound Technologist proved to be the determining factor in a diagnosis that showed a need for 'life-saving' surgery."

"We are thankful that BVRMC has this 'specialized' equipment available, along with a 'First Class' ER and Cardiac Rehab. department that played a major role in our health care program. "

"The region is blessed to have this medical center. It will always have our support."

Nella and Bob O'Brien