All four digit numbers have a prefix of 213

Rob Colerick 8600

Krista Ketcham 8603

Administration Clinical
Dawn Bach 8605

Dave Schmidt 8654

Business Office
Laurie Gaffney 8678

Diagnostic Imaging Services
Joan Kurtz 8692

Education and Specialty Services
Deb Hinkeldey 8682

Environmental Services
Angela Podraza 8679

Emergency Room
Joan Prach 8677

First Embrace Obstetrics
Trish Winger 8616

Brad Strader 8609

Payroll/Fiscal Services
Sonya Nash 8611

Fitness & Health Center
Evan Franzmeier 8087

Health Information Management
Lori Cherrier 8687

Hope Harbor
Leah Fineran 8657

Human Resources
Carrie Turnquist 8607

Information Systems
Brian Granville 8666

Anne Iehl 8694

Purchasing/Materials Mgmt
Rod Dierking 8698

Katie Schwint 8601

Medical/Surgical Nursing
Deb Colshan 8659

Nutrition Services
Heather Johnson 8613

Oncology/Infusion Center
Robin Koster 8672

OR (Operating Room)
Casey Orth-Nebitt 8629

Patient Access
Lona Stille 8631

Jon McKenna 8696

Plant Operations
David Sahr 8680

Process Improvement
Char Jeppeson 8644

Michele Kelly 8604

Rehabilitation Services
Julia White 8675

Respiratory Therapy
Ashton Huffman 8685

Safety/Infection Control/Employee Health
Mary Beth Andrews 8622

Same Day Surgery/Endoscopy
Julie Anderson 8623