Diagnostic Imaging Services

Dr. Ingrid Franze, Radiologist

It matters where you get your mammogram!

What's in it for me? Quality images and personal services where you live.

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Available Services

Diagnostic Imaging Services

Diagnostic Radiography
3D Mammography(Digital Breast Tomosynthesis)
     Screening and Diagnostic Services with a warmer touch.
Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Service
Diagnostic Ultrasound
CT / CT Angiography
MRI / MR Angiography
Nuclear Medicine
Bone Density Imaging
     -Osteoporosis Screen
     -Diagnostic Services
     -Oncology Staging and Restaging
CT Lung Cancer Screening
Vascular Screening

BVRMC's P.i.n.k. Project
"Providing Free Mammograms to Those Uninsured or Underinsured."