PHASE I - Inpatient Rehabilitation

This part of the program begins upon admission to the hospital and includes patient and family education along with progressive physical activity for the patient. A team of specialized staff members provide education and counseling in such areas as:
Heart Facts
Coronary Risk Factors
Stress Management
Leisure Activities

PHASE II - Outpatient Rehabilitation


Individual who has had a heart attack, heart surgery, or heart procedure recently or has angina.
Physician approved and ordered.

Exercise Solutions:

Personal exercise program.
Continuous EKG monitoring.
Treadmill, leg bike, arm bike, Nu Step and arm ergometer.
Sessions held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Cardiac Nurses present throughout session.
4-12 week program - based upon physical condition and personal goals.
Includes warm-ups, exercise and cool downs.
Physical Therapist, Dietician, Pharmacist, Occupational Therapy consultant also available.


Individual review of heart disease and risk factors.
Positive lifestyle goals established.
Routine monitoring of goals.


Cardiac Rehab is billed to Medicare and private insurance.

PHASE III - or - Cardiac Fitness

For patients who have completed Phase II or for anyone with coronary artery disease risk factors.

Exercise Sessions:

Personal exercise prescription.
Warm-ups: bending/stretching
Workout: walk, bike
Cool Downs: stretching
Group Support

Entry Requirements:

Physician's referral
Interview with nurse


Information provided on individual basis as needed.


$5.00 per visit
Billed monthly
Not covered by Medicare or private insurance.