Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome (IM) is a brain-based rehabilitation
assessment and training program to help assist individuals with neurological or developmental deficits.

How Does IM Work?

The IM program provides a structured, goal-oriented training process that challenges the patient while exercising with computer generated beats, instructed hand and foot exercises, and repetitive motor actions, and more.

This program requires a referral by your doctor and most of the costs are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most third party payers.

Average patients attend 12 to 15 sessions that are usually about one hour long.

Who Can Benefit?

Children and adults with motor planning and sequencing problems, motor and sensory disorders, learning deficits, and various cognitive and physical difficulties may benefit from the IM program.

Neurological and Motor Rehabilitation for Adults

Individuals who have benefited from IM
include those with:

Traumatic Brain Injury
Cerebral Vascular Accident
Balance Disorders
Limb Amputation
Parkinson's Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
Decline in Function
Developmental Disorders

These can all lead to improvements in:
Attention and Concentration
Behavior (Aggression and Impulsivity)
Fine/Gross Motor Skills
Balance and Gait
Strength and Endurance
Motor Skills for Independent Living
Independence with Prosthetic Limbs

Learning and Developmental Rehabilitation for Children

Individuals who have benefited from IM include those with:
Sensory Integration Disorder
Asperger Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Cerebral Palsy

IM can help improve:
Attention and Concentration
Behavior (Aggression and Impulsivity)
Motor Control and Coordination
Academic Performance


For Appointments, Contact:
@ 712.213.8674

Therapists who will be working
with the IM program at BVRMC
Occupational Therapy
Stephanie McClellan, OTR/L,MA
Julia White, OTR/L, MA